Dream 7 ~ A Forgotten Past


Axilya spent the majority of the day playing with the animals that roamed around Luthien’s house, making friends with a deer family. “I don’t know momma deer, I wish I could understand why she came to our kingdom, we did nothing to her!” The momma deer flicked her ears and watched Axilya, as if she understood her struggles. ” I mean, I’ve always lived a normal princess life, my parents were good people! They loved our village, I just don’t get it…” She let out a sigh when she heard Luthien call for her. “Axilya! Come, I’ve gathered the ingredients, but I must tell you something first.” Axilya stood and waved goodbye to her new deer friends. She walked inside to find her standing at her cauldron with Lyra. She led her to her sitting room and sat her down, “Now child, when this potion or “Memory Pop” as I call them, goes into effect, your conscious will take you to the moments that have shaped your destiny. This will be painful, both emotionally and physically, are you sure this is what you want to do?” Axilya thought for a moment, looked at her and firmly said “How could I not do this? This whole situation is my fault, I lost my parents, my village… I’m not backing down now, Mladris will answer for her crimes. I’ll make sure of it.” She took a deep breath.. “Let’s do this…”

“Alright, Lyra and I will be here the entire time, you will not be alone, remember that.” Luthien got up and took her back to the cauldron where Lyra had prepared a glass of the milky substance. Lyra looked at Axilya and said “I would suggest thinking of your happiest moment, it helps.” As the sun set in the distance Axilya closed her eyes and pictured her parents, laughing, dancing, and playing with her when she was a child. She remembered the delicious smell of her mother’s cobbler, her father’s deep hearty laugh and his wondrous tales of adventure. She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek, she put the glass to her lips and a sudden sharp pain shot through her body. It felt as if her skin was on fire with thousands of flaming needles piercing her body. She lost feeling in her legs and collapsed to the ground. Lyra gasped and came to her side. “What’s going on?? Luthien! Help her!” Lyra cried.  Luthien took her hand and grasped it tight. “There’s nothing I can do Lyra, this is exactly what happens when something has been repressed in the mind, and in the heart. We will just have to wait it out and be by her side when she wakes…”


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