Dream 6~ A Luma’s Breakfast


Axilya went up to Luthien’s room and found a white dress folded neatly on the bed, she changed out of her nightgown and washed her face. She looked up at her reflection for the first time in what felt like forever, she let out a loud gasp, part of her face was covered with colorful scales! “How did this happened? what’s wrong with my face?!” she furiously rubbed her face to the point where she thought it would peel off, but not a single scale came off. “Axilya? what’s wrong?” Luthien called from downstairs. “Oh it’s nothing, i just, tripped up on my feet.” How could she not notice this? she wondered. “Okay, be careful would you? When you’re done could you come down here and do me a favor please?”. She went downstairs into Luthien’s small sitting room. Luthien had multiple books scattered around her, marking certain passages from each one. “Would you mind giving this coin to Lyra? I’ll bet the luma are getting pretty hungry, this is condensed stardust. I have it charmed to where I can feed them all at once from the well in my yard, please give this her.” “Okay, no problem, how do I find them?” “That’s easy child, just give Lyra the coin and you’ll see them, trust me.” she giggled. Axilya went outside and found Lyra already by the well floating happily up and down. “Hi Lyra, Lady Luthien asked me to give you this coin.” Lyra squealed with delight and took the coin from Axilya, she tossed the coin into the well and yelled. “Time to eat everyone!” Axilya listened for the coin to hit the bottom of the well, but heard nothing. A soft and peaceful melody started to echo from the well. She then noticed luma popping out from bushes and trees, humming to the melody. Small rainbow stars started to float from the well and were absorbed into the luma. “Wow, this is so beautiful.” Lyra giggled and said to Axilya “You should see our party dinners.”


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